1:  Start out going WEST on LAKE AVE/ NY-29/ GEN PHILIP SCHUYLER COMMEMORATIVE HWY toward BROADWAY/ US-9/ NY-50.  0.0 mi

 2:  Turn LEFT onto BROADWAY/ US-9/ NY-29/ NY-50/ GEN PHILIP SCHUYLER COMMEMORATIVE HWY. Continue to follow US-9 S.  4.1 mi

 3:  Merge onto I-87 S.  18.4 mi

 4:  Merge onto NY-7 E via EXIT 7 toward TROY/ COHOES.  4.0 mi

 5:  Merge onto I-787 S toward ALBANY/ WATERVLIET.  5.6 mi

 6:  Merge onto I-90 E via EXIT 5 toward BOSTON (Portions toll) (Crossing into MASSACHUSETTS).  138.6 mi 

 7:  Merge onto I-495 N via EXIT 11A toward MARLBOROUGH/ N.H.-MAINE.  31.6 mi

 8:  Take the LOWELL CONNECTOR/ US-3 N exit, EXIT 35A-B-C, toward NASHUA NH.  0.5 mi

 9:  Merge onto US-3 N via EXIT 35B toward NASHUA NH (Crossing into NEW HAMPSHIRE).  11.5

 10:  Take EXIT 2 toward RT-3A/ D.W. HIGHWAY/ HUDSON.  0.7 mi 

 11:  Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.  0.9 mi

 12:  Take the RT-3A N ramp toward HUDSON.  0.1 mi

 13:  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto LOWELL RD/ NH-3A. Continue to follow NH-3A.  2.5 mi

 14:  Turn RIGHT onto LIBRARY ST/ NH-3A. Continue to follow NH-3A.  1.3 mi

 15:  Turn LEFT onto ELM AVE/ NH-3A. Continue to follow NH-3A.  6.5 mi

 16:  Turn RIGHT onto HILLCREST RD.  0.7 mi

 17:  Turn LEFT onto ALBUQUERQUE AVE.  0.7 mi

 18:  Turn RIGHT onto WHIDDEN LN.  0.0 mi

 19:  End at 11 Whidden Ln Litchfield, NH 03052-8038