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Key Experience

  • Extensive experience defining architecture, designing and developing Java and C++ software infrastructure and applications, Web Services, software toolkits, mobile device software.
  • Migrate complex product into AWS Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Middle tier focused Agile Java development
  • Extensive experience developing and implementing technical standards.
  • Designed and developed SyncML/OMA-DS/OMA-DM web servers and mobile device clients.
  • Vice-Chair, Co-Chair, Member, SyncML/OMA-DS standards committee.

Software Engineering Highlights


Java, C++, HTML5, JavaScript, Qt, C, Shell, PHP, Perl, Assembly


Android, Windows, Symbian, UNIX/Linux, embedded systems


Software Architecture, DevOps, CI/CD, Mobile Device Development, Technical team leadership, Data Synchronization, SyncML, OMA-DS, OMA-DM, Web Services, Standards Development, REST, XML

Professional Experience

Software Engineer IV, Ericsson, Manchester, NH, Waltham, MA
January 2014 to Present

  • Migrate product line into AWS Software as a Service (SaaS), addressing versioning, machine migration and scaling. Asset Management and Tracking for the Agile Telco
  • Middle tier focused Java development on Adaptive Inventory (for Telecoms). Features such as ID and IP Address management. Patches and support on all areas of product.
  • CI/CD Lead - Create extensive CI/CD platform to resolve serious build issues. Improve build quality from nearly 60% nightly build failure rate to less than 3%. Drive integrated DevOps.
  • Environment Lead - create library of standard development and test machines (virtual, Kubernetes and physical) with an assortment of application servers and databases for development and test.

Senior Software Engineer / Android Team Lead, Nokia, Burlington, MA, Boston, MA, Cambridge, MA
September 2010 to January 2014

  • Developer in Nokia Pulse Mobile Clients – a location based social networking application.
  • Windows Phone 8 clients in C#.
  • Android/iOS clients in HTML5, JavaScript, and native Java/C++/Objective C.
  • Symbian and Meego clients using QML, Qt, C++, and JavaScript.

Consulting Engineer, Samsung, Richardson, TX, Bridgewater, NJ
July 2009 to September 2010

  • Mobile software architecture.
  • Android (Java) software development.
  • Social networking services.

Technology Evangelist, Funambol ("The Mobile Open Source Software Company"), Remote
January 2007 to October 2008

  • Develop C++ and Java Prototypes related to IMAP, ActiveSync and Data Synchronization.
  • Enhance Wireshark/Ethereal TCP/IP Protocol analyzer WBXML support for ActiveSync and OMA-DS / OMA-DM / SyncML 1.2, 2.0

Contract Software Engineer, Funambol, Various others, Part-time, Remote
January 2004 to September 2010

Vice-Chair OMA-DS, Open Mobile Alliance ("The Center of Mobile Application Standardization")
March 2007 to March 2009

  • Develop OMA-DS / SyncML 2.0.
  • Assist Chair in running group, tracking and achieving release schedules, coordinating with, and presenting to other technical committees.

Contract Coordinating Editor, Liberty Alliance Project ("Building open standard-based specifications for federated identity and identity-based Web services ") via IEEE-ISTO, Remote
Full-time January 2004 to December 2006, Part-time January 2007 to September 2007

  • Coordinate editors of Liberty Alliance Project technical specifications, including schema validation, consistency revisions, and generation of official release documents.
  • Assist in development of technical specifications, and updating for Web Services.
  • Develop tools for DocBook and other support tasks, assist in website development.

Principal Software Engineer, Openwave Systems Inc. ("software applications and infrastructure for mobile and broadband operators"), Burlington MA, March 2002 to December 2003

  • In-house multi-threaded web server for high performance Web Services implementations. Refactored to achieve 40 percent performance increase. Integrated SSL support.
  • Continued SyncML activities, including co-chairing Datasync committee.
  • Developed a SyncML compliant web-based data synchronization engine.

Software Architect, Pumatech/Intellisync (PIM Data Synchronization), Nashua NH
July 1997 to March 2002

  • Representative to SyncML Committee. Editor and Reviewer of several specifications.
  • Developed a SyncML compliant interface to a web-based data synchronization engine, including vCard / vCal / iCal parsers.
  • Developed and provided initial support for a software developers kit (SDK) to allow access to a desktop data synchronization engine (See SDK Brochures). Led team through several successful updates.



  • United States Patent 6,925,477: Transferring records between two databases. Awarded Aug 2, 2005