Pumatech Customer Case Studies

Synchronization Products

Intellisync SDK
Intuit Intuit
Using Pumatech's Intellisync Software Development Kit (Intellisync SDK), Intuit has incorporated the Intellisync synchronization engine into its QuickBooks Pro 2000 software, allowing users to synchronize contact information between QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Outlook and ACT!.
Yahoo Yahoo!
With Pumatech’s Intellisync Software Development Kit (Intellisync SDK), Yahoo! incorporated a custom synchronization solution into its popular services, allowing users to synchronize their schedules, contact information, to-do lists, and notes between the Internet and their desktop PCs or handheld organizers.

Application Development Tools

Satellite Forms
Analysts International Analysts International
Analysts International presents a Palm OS-based application of a conference agenda to 5,000 participants at an annual conference and user exchange, providing users with access to information about approximately 500 sessions that were presented over the four-day conference.
Choiceway Media ChoiceWay Media
Complex applications were under control while ChoiceWay Media developed its London travel guide for the Palm OS. The final application included 65 forms, 25 data tables and over 12,000 lines of script code using Pumatech's Satellite Forms.
Dorset Dorset Probation Area
The Dorset Probation Area for England and Wales utilized Satellite Forms Server to develop a handheld application that was cost effective and robust, with an easy-to-use graphical interface and the ability to have two-way interchange of data between the handheld and Lotus Notes.
Lockheed Martin
Bear River Associates, a Pumatech Certified Partner, developed an automated documentation system for Lockheed Martin's IT department.
LAFD Los Angeles Fire Department
Armed with a palm-sized high-tech device and a customized software solution, the LAFD is making a bold move to cut costs and eliminate the errors that plagued its previous pen-and-paper-based system of inspecting local fire hazards.
Siemens Transportation Systems (STS)
Bear River Associates, a Pumatech Certified Partner, developed an inspection-report tracking system for Siemens Transportation Systems light rail vehicle assembly plant in Sacramento.