yappa-ng Extended Setup Information

Intuitive Language Selection

Do you want intuitive Language Selection for the Titles and Captions?

This feature does NOT affect your language selection (be it autodetected, selected or default). The language of the program itself (explainig texts, buttons,...) is untouched.
This feature works only with the "Language Related Userfiles":

where every language has its own (separate) file.

yappa-ng checks at any time if one of the language related userfiles do exist in the language the user has selected. If it finds one of these files in the userlanguage it will present it to the user. If it does not find the file the user will get nothing (no Image Captions, no Album Info,...).
If this feature is enabled and there is no such file in the selected language yappa-ng now looks if there is a file in the Default Language. If it finds one in the Default language it will present it to the user. if not, no Image Captions or Album Info is shown.
It works only for the DEFAULT-language (as configured in the setup).
Here is how it works:
   Suppose: You have autodetect enabled and your default language is "English"
   Suppose: Your native language is English (thats why you have default language to "English")
   Suppose: You have all your album-descriptions and all image captions in English
   Suppose: Someone connects with autoetected language "Espanol"
      This guy has yappa-ng in spanish, but will NEVER see your hard work in commenting all images
      and making a decent album-title and a nice album-description.
With "lang_intuitive" set to "yes" this Spanish guy keeps yappa-ng in Spanish - but gets your English (or other Default-language) album descriptions, image captions,...
If you have a Spanish album title created he gets OF COURSE his (= spanish ) version!
A really nice feature!

--> Recommended setting for yappa-ng is: enabled (yes)

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