yappa-ng Extended Setup Information

yappa-ng Photos Main Directory

Define the directory where all albums (subdirectories with the photos) are stored.

This will be the directory where all of your photos get stored. You will create subdirectories within this directory with the Admin-Interface of yappa-ng which will be your Albums. This is the reason this subdirectory has to be read and writeable for your webserver! After unpacking the yappa-ng distribution package this is the "./photos" directory within your yappa-ng main Directory.

You can move this directory to wherever you like. There is no need to put it within your server-root (if you are the admin of the system!). If you want to FTP some photos to these directories you have to make sure it is within your FTP-acessable path. It is recommended to leave it where it is after installation for easy setup!

The Setup-Tool will perform many checks on the directory you define as Photos Main Directory. Included is writing a testfile, overwriting this file, deleting this file. If you get an Error from this part read the comment to this error and change the setting accordingly!


Within this Photos Main Directory and within each of the following subdirectories there have to be the following files ("Needed Album-Files"):

There may be some more files within this directory:

If you create your photo albums manually (meaning: not with the Admin-Interface) make sure they are:

You can create as many subalbums as you want within the Photos Main Directory. yappa-ng checks for the file "config_album.inc.php". If it is within the directory and read/writeable yappa-ng interprets it as Album (even if empty)! There is no limit to the ammount of photo albums (even within photo albums!)

Please be sure to read the "SECURITY"-part of the FAQ!

--> Recommended setting for yappa-ng is: keep it at /photos

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